I wish the only girl I love would love me back again. I know I made a huge mistake and I know forgiveness seems to be impossible. No matter how much it hurts. I’ll love you unconditionally because you’re my sweetie pie, chubby bunny,…. My lover for all eternity. Even if you decide to fully move on and love another. I’ll be here to take care of you if you fall or get hurt. No matter how many hurtful things you may say to me for me to step away. I won’t ever because… Remember? “Forever and ever babe”

What’s the point of forgiveness if I already don’t exist?

These damn pills ain’t workin’ fam….

But I guess my condition will never make up what I’ve done.

I’m getting worse and all I want to do is just sit with you.

I wish I got at least the taste of your lips one last time.


Kendrick Lamar


Is this shit real!!!